a note about the dress-up games

The dress-up games you see here are made with Flash, and are getting up there in digital years. They are in order of latest to earliest in creation, so if you play them you'll get an idea of how my coding improved. Really, this is just an archive, but feel free to enjoy.

My original purpose in creating these games was to shed light on the multiple layers of clothing worn at each time period (Georgian, Regency, and later Victorian* are all represented here). Over the years, people have used the games as character-design inspiration, as well as for education in history and literature. Others have just taken off the underwear to see what fake naked people look like.

* The Soulless Dress-Up Game was commissioned by Orbit Books for the novel Soulless by Gail Carriger. All the dresses are based on the clothes described in the book, which takes place in the early 1870s.